Table 1 Compilation N outputs estimates from biocrusts to subsurface soil from various location worldwide and the respective percentage of Archean land crust cover needed to reach the modern N land-to-ocean export flux

From: Possible nitrogen fertilization of the early Earth Ocean by microbial continental ecosystems

  Location Net N outputs from crusts to subsurface soil (m−2 yr−1) Percentage of Archean land coverage needed to reach the modern N export flux
Johnson et al.43 Colorado Plateau 2.080–8.820a 1.13–0.27%
Thiet et al.46 Lake Michigan 0.020–0.800a 117.8–2.94%
Rychert & Skujins49; West & Skujins50 Cold desert 0.19–1.9 12.4–1.24%
Rychert et al.51 Australia 0.025 94.2%
Evans & Johansen52 Sonoran Desert 0.133–0.342 17.71–6.88%
Evans & Lange53; Belnap54, 55; Russow et al.56; Stewart et al.57,58,59; Caputa et al.60 Global 0.0133–1.9 177–1.24%
Elbert et al.42 Global 0.144b 16.35%