Table 1 Osteological characteristics of the individuals found in the mass grave

From: Early Neolithic executions indicated by clustered cranial trauma in the mass grave of Halberstadt

Ind. Sex Age (years) Height (cm) ICT IPT ICD
1 M 25–35 166 (no skull preserved) Possible
2 M 30–40 171 Occipital R Yes
3 F? 21–26 152 (no skull preserved) Yes
4 M 25–35 162 Frontal R, Parietal RL, Occipital RL No
5 M 16–20 Parietal RL Yes
6 M 30–40 161 Parietal R Humerus R Yes
7 M 25–35 163 Occipital L Femur R Possible
8 M? 25–40 Parietal L, Occipital L Humerus L, Ribs L Possible
9 M 25–40 Parietal L, Occipital R No
  1. ICT identified cranial trauma, IPT identified postcranial trauma, ICD identified carnivore damage, y years, M male, F female, R right, L left