Table 1 Comparison with RosettaES on the data set of 44 fragments

From: De novo main-chain modeling for EM maps using MAINMAST

Criteria Number of cases
Better or equal RMSD model 16
Better or RMSD difference ≤0.5 Å 26
Better or RMSD difference ≤1.0 Å 32
Better or RMSD difference ≤1.5 Å 38
Better or RMSD difference ≤2.0 Å 40
  1. The data set was taken from Supplementary Table 1 in the RosettaES paper28. These proteins have their EM maps of a 3-5 Å resolution and deposited structure models available in EMDB. The results of RosettaES and RosettaCM were taken from the columns of the best scoring results in the Supplementary Table 1 of the RosettaES paper. The number of cases among the 44 modeled fragments were counted where MAINMAST constructed a lower RMSD conformation to the native conformation than RosettaES or worse than RosettaES models but within a specified margin.