Table 1 Summary of video clips shown in the fMRI study

From: Similar neural responses predict friendship

Clip Description Duration (s)
1 ‘An Astronaut’s View of Earth’ An astronaut discusses viewing Earth from space, and in particular, witnessing the effects of climate change from space. He then urges viewers to mobilize to address this issue 223
2 Google Glass review A journalist wears a Google Glass headset for a day and weighs the pros and cons of being an ‘early adopter’ of this technology 88
3 ‘Crossfire’ Two journalists debate the appropriateness of President Obama’s use of humor in a speech; excerpts from the speech are shown 89
4 ‘All I Want’ A sentimental music video depicting a social outcast with a facial deformity seeking companionship 305
5 Wedding film A homemade film depicting scenes from two men’s wedding ceremony and subsequent celebration with family and friends 120
6 Scientific demonstration An astronaut at the International Space Station demonstrates and explains what happens when one wrings out a waterlogged washcloth in space 118
7 ‘Food Inc.’ An excerpt from a documentary discussing how the fast food industry influences food production and farming practices in the United States 178
8 ‘We Can Be Heroes’ An excerpt from a mockumentary-style series in which a man discusses why he nominated himself for the title of Australian of the Year 202
9 ‘Ban College Football’ Journalists and athletes debate whether or not football should be banned as a college sport 195
10 Soccer match Highlights from a soccer match 91
11 Baby sloth sanctuary A documentary about caring for baby sloths at a sanctuary in Costa Rica 200
12 ‘Ew!’ A comedy skit in which grown men play teenage girls disgusted by things around them 169
13 ‘Life’s Too Short’ An example of ‘cringe comedy’ in which a dramatic actor is depicted unsuccessfully trying his hand at improvisational comedy 106
14 ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ A series of homemade video clips depicting examples of unintentional physical comedy arising from accidents 101