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On-demand male contraceptives: gazing at the long road ahead

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Data availability

The data in this comment article is not sensitive in nature and is accessible in the public domain. The data is therefore available and not of a confidential nature. All the necessary data has already been included in the manuscript.


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AD: Data curation, Writing—original draft; RV: Conceptualization, Data curation, Writing—original draft; KP: Writing—review and editing, Supervision, Resources, Project Administration; All authors commented on subsequent revisions and provided references.

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Correspondence to Kavita Pal.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Deshpande, A., Varghese, R. & Pal, K. On-demand male contraceptives: gazing at the long road ahead. Int J Impot Res 36, 450–451 (2024).

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