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The ethics of child genital cutting. When does a violation occur? Comments on “Defending an inclusive right to genital and bodily integrity for children” by Dr. Kate Goldie Townsend

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  1. Yet despite employing a rigorous certification process which requires medical expertize, the Reform program notes, “The Brit Milah program, URJ, HUC, CCAR or any other associated body or individual holds no liability in regard to medical matters” [18].

  2. Notable examples include the late A. Romi Cohn, former chairman of the “American Board of Ritual Circumcision,” pictured in his lab coat in an article for the New York Times [19]. More recently, the trend is continued by popular Orthodox mohel, Meir Sultan [20]. Their coats include nameplates over the left lapel resembling those typical in Western medicine, accompanied by the honorific “CM” for “certified mohel.”


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I am grateful to the following for help with this paper and for consulting with me on this topic: Max DuBoff, Brian Earp, Jason Petrulis, Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon, B.G, and B.M.S. I would also like to thank the reviewer for their helpful comments, and the editor and staff at the IJIR for all their excellent work.

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