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Is pudendal nerve entrapment a potential cause for weak ejaculation?


Ejaculatory dysfunction is one of the most common complaints of patients with sexual disorders. While it encompasses several ejaculatory disorders, weak ejaculation is seldom described in the literature. Since the pudendal nerve is the main nerve of ejaculation, we aim to hypothesize that pudendal nerve entrapment could be a cause of weak ejaculation, and that pudendal nerve release could contribute to the improvement of the ejaculatory stream. We presented two cases suffering from a weak ejaculatory stream and sensation of incomplete semen emptying, accompanied with clinical features of pudendal nerve entrapment. Both cases improved after pudendal nerve block and then laparoscopic transperitoneal pudendal release, with a sustained amelioration of the ejaculatory stream after 3 weeks of surgery. Pudendal canal entrapment is therefore a potentially curable cause for weak ejaculation.

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