Although the interest of human beings on penile anatomy and physiology dates back to the prehistoric era, the exact structure of penis and mechanisms involved in erection only recently have been elucidated. As a result, the great advancements in the field of penile surgery have occurred in the last half-century. Many milestones for the development of penile surgery have been discovered in the last 45 years since the invention of the inflatable penile prosthesis.

Taking the growing interest on penile surgeries among young urologists into consideration, we have designed a special section in our journal, which is authored by some of the pioneering surgeons specialized in this field. Henceforth, in every issue of IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal, we will be providing you tips, and tricks related to penile prostheses, Peyronie’s Disease correction techniques, penile cosmetic surgeries, transgender operations and etc. We are excited to announce that the inaugural editor of this section will be Steve K. Wilson, a living legend in prosthetic urology.

Dr Wilson was formerly Professor of Urology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock Arkansas. The Steven K Wilson Chair of Prosthetic Urology was endowed at this University in 2007. He is the past president of the Southcentral Section of the American Urological Association. In 46 years of practice and over 11,000 implants, he has performed implants in 53 countries and been visiting professor at the most American traininprograms & numerous foreign centers.

He has 226 peer reviewed publications, 19 textbook chapters, 27 surgical videos and 5 prosthetic urology textbooks including 2 editions of Pearls Perils and Pitfalls of Penile Prosthesis Surgery. His book for the public entitled Ending ED and Incontinence is in its 10th edition. He was elected Fellow to the Royal College of Surgeons of England “ad eundum”—distinctly unusual for USA urologists. He is the 2010 recipient of the St Paul’s Medal of the British Association of Urologic Surgeons—given yearly to that single urologist outside of United Kingdom that contributed significantly to world urology. In 2013, the F. Brantley Scott Award of Excellence was designated to Wilson. In 2017, he received the inaugural “Living Legend Award” of the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons. He has also been awarded lifetime achievement awards by Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, the AR Urologic Society, Southeastern Section of AUA and the North Rhein-Westphalia Section of German Urologic Society. He was the founder and remains the Editor-In-Chief of ISSM Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology.

Dr Wilson is most recognized for his innovation of new surgical techniques making the complex implantation of penile implants and sphincters minimally invasive. His notable literature contributions include strategies for infection and biofilm in penile prosthetics, the modeling procedure for Peyronie’s Disease, the single scrotal incision implantation of urinary sphincters, the implantation of both IPP & AUS through a single scrotal incision and the ectopic placement of implant reservoirs. Many of the enhancements to the penile implant and special instruments/retractors are the result of his clinical research. An editorial in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2015;12 suppl 7: 413) indicated Wilson “has performed and taught more penile implant surgeries than anyone in history.” His current practice in La Quinta CA is limited to prosthetic urology and he continues to travel and teach others his techniques.

We truly hope that you will enjoy reading “Wilson’s Workshop” section, which will help you bring your surgical skills to perfection.