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Nuances of subcoronal inflatable penile prosthesis for physicians accustomed to penoscrotal approach


In a special miniseries highlighting the different surgical techniques to the inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP), Wilson’s Workshop seeks to bring forth skill considerations for the modern implanter. Each work is authored by a highly regarded surgeon who has truly honed the art of their respective approach. Today, most implanters are comfortable with either the penoscrotal or suprapubic incision. The following work directs the spotlight onto a much newer and less known technique, IPP implant via the subcoronal incision. SHP leads the Urology Center of Excellence in Seoul, South Korea, and has implanted more than 700 IPPs using the subcoronal approach since 2015. Here, he will share the clinical pearls of this novel incision gathered through trial and error over many repetitions. We are hopeful that this work will peak the interest of inquisitive minds and help disseminate improved implant techniques.

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Fig. 1: Plastic drape with a water-tight hole.
Fig. 2: Subcoronal incision.
Fig. 3: Distal penile skin problems following subcoronal incision.
Fig. 4: Degloving the penis.
Fig. 5: Twin Deaver (actually twin “S” retractors) maneuver.
Fig. 6: Examples of tailpipe or Maserati penis.
Fig. 7: Olsen-Hegar needle holder places and cuts sutures.
Fig. 8: Deploying the disposable retractor prevents problems.
Fig. 9: Careful closure of subcoronal incision.


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Correspondence to Lexiaochuan Wen.

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SHP: Consultant: Boston Scientific, Coloplast; LW: none; JM: Consultant: Boston Scientific, Coloplast; SKW: Consultant: AMT, Coloplast, International Medical Devices. Lecturer: Boston Scientific. Stockholder: NeoTract.

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