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Postoperative vacuum therapy following AMS™ LGX 700® inflatable penile prosthesis placement: penile dimension outcomes and overall satisfaction


Penile shortening after inflatable penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction is a common postoperative patient complaint and can reduce overall satisfaction with the procedure. In this prospective study we report our results regarding penile dimensions and patient satisfaction outcomes after 1 year of follow-up from AMS™LGX700® penile prosthesis implant with 6 months of vacuum erectile device therapy. Seventy-four selected patients with medically refractory erectile dysfunction underwent AMS™ LGX 700® IPP placement. Postoperatively, patients were assigned vacuum device therapy for 5 min twice daily. Follow-up continued for 1 year after surgery. Dimensional and functional results were assessed. Baseline median preoperative stretched penile length and girth were 14 cm (range 10–17) and 9 cm (range 7–12), respectively. At the end of the study penile median dimensional outcomes were 17 cm (range 13–23) for length and 11 cm (range 10–13) for girth while a median number of 24 pumps (range 18–29) to fully inflate the device was seen. Baseline median International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) score was 9 (range 5–11), at 6 months 20 (range 18–26) and at 1 year was 25 (range 20–27) (p < 0.0001). Median Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS) score at the end of the follow-up was 74 (range 66–78). Our postoperative rehabilitation program is feasible and should be recommended after prothesis surgery in order to increase overall satisfaction with the procedure. Penile postoperative dimensional outcomes were statistically significant improved and complications were negligible.

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