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Anthropometric study of penile length in self-declared Brazilians regarding the color of the skin as white or black: The study of a Myth


This is an observational transversal cohort study in which we aim to analyze the Brazilian penis length and compare the penis size of the men self-declared as white (SDW) or black (SDB) skin color. Subjects were asked for self-declare according to their skin color, after that they have been invited to participate in a semi-structured interview so as to have their perception evaluated regarding their penis size and their self-esteem as well. Eventually, their penis length was measured with an anthropometric ruler. The men´s mean penis length who declared themselves as black skin color was 16.5 ± 1.7 cm (penis length in real fully-stretched flaccid length) and the men´s mean penis length who declared themselves as white skin color was 15.8 ± 1.6 cm (p < 0.001).The majority of either SDB (94.0%) or SDW (89.4%) are satisfied with their penis size (p = 0.464). We have shown that the man´s mean penis length who identifies himself as black is just a little bit bigger than the one who identifies himself as white. However, there were no significant difference between groups regarding self-assessment of genital body image.

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