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JSH Statement: Asahikawa declaration in promotion of diversity by the Japanese society of hypertension–the JSH Asahikawa declaration

The Japanese Society of Hypertension (JSH) has a long-standing history of cooperation among doctors and allied health professionals across diverse generations, gender, and specialties. In addition, the JSH has promoted career development and lifelong education of its members, appointing young and/or women investigators to session chairs and symposium speakers. The JSH now strives for globalization of the organization and its meetings, working in close relationship with Asian and Western friends and counterparts [1].

To further advance these achievements, the JSH aims to be a society where people of different backgrounds can equally come together to contribute. The goal of this declaration is to create a system and environment for hypertension practice in which all its members can achieve their full potential, overcoming differences in generation, gender, nationality, religious believes, physical and mental characteristics, and sexual preferences, while being assured that their personal dignity and values are respected. This may be realized as public awareness programs organized cooperatively by citizens and multidisciplinary medical personnel or improved physician–patient relationship with mutually understandable hypertension management practice based on the philosophy of diversity and empathy. Such initiatives are what the JSH considers as its true social responsibility and contribution.

The JSH has announced “Asahikawa Declaration in Promotion of Diversity by the Japanese Society of Hypertension–the JSH Asahikawa Declaration,” at its 41st Annual Scientific Meeting in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. In association with the JSH Future Plan [2], we pledge to undertake a specific action plan comprised of the following 5 key missions to achieve our goal of this declaration.

The JSH will:

1) Advocate the spirit of diversity to value heterogeneity and acknowledge differences in all patients and medical professionals.

2) Support the fostering of proper educational, research, and clinical practice environment to realize work-life integration while maximizing the competencies with diversity.

3) Respect individuality of patients, promoting awareness programs and practice style to make hypertension management plainer and seamless.

4) Create a supporting system for society members who need reasonable accommodation with respect.

5) Promote a diverse and inclusive work environment where diversity is valued.


  1. Ito M, Ishimitsu T, Ichihara A, Itoh H, Ohishi M, Ohkubo T, et al. JSH Statement: Kyoto declaration on hypertension research in Asia. Hypertens Res. 2019.

  2. Node K, Kishi T, Tanaka A, Itoh H, Rakugi H, Ohya Y, et al. The Japanese Society of Hypertension-Digest of plan for the future. Hypertens Res. 2018;41:989–90.

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The authors thank the members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Japanese Society of Hypertension, including Kimika Arakawa, Yuki Imaizumi, Kei Kamide, Mai Kabayama, Miho Kusaka, Setsuko Kuroda, Mariyo Sakoda, Akiyo Tanabe, Kensuke Noma, Ako Fukami, Megumi Fujita, Asako Mito, Junichi Yatabe, Sumiyo Yamashita, Sumiko Yoshida, Sanae Watanabe, for their help in developing this declaration.

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Asahikawa Declaration in Promotion of Diversity by the Japanese Society of Hypertension-the JSH Asahikawa Declaration-was announced at the 41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension, which was held in Asahikawa on 14–16 September 2018.

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