Correction to: Genetics in Medicine 19:2017;; published online 08 December 2016

This is not a correction for some minor errors in the paper. This was caused by a coding error revealed by the statistical review of a later paper of the same study. The corrections are as follows: The odds ratio (OR) in the text for the effect of enrollment type on compliance with counseling is 2.26 (the p value is unchanged, p = 0.01). For factors affecting response to the first questionnaire (Q1), the ORs that were indicated as ~1 are 1.29 for suggestive family history, and 1.62 for type of enrollment (this is alluded to in the Discussion). The p values are unchanged (0.03 and <0.001 respectively). In Table 4, the likelihood of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) affected Impact of Events Scale (IES) score by 1.5 points (p value = 0.01). There are no changes to the level of statistical significance nor to the conclusions of the paper.