Table 1 Scores for the standard and user-centered reportsa

From: Creating genetic reports that are understood by nonspecialists: a case study

 Standard reportUser-centered report 
 MeanSDMeanSDp value
Subjective comprehension, clarity, trust (7-point scale)     
 How well did you understand the information…4.941.235.741.18<0.001
 How clear is the information…4.651.315.781.20<0.001
 How much do you trust the information…5.921.126.230.990.03
Communication efficacy (4-point scale modified from Scheuner et al.16)     
 How satisfied are you with…     
    The general format (look and feel)…2.620.903.310.71<0.001
    The amount of information…2.830.833.380.73<0.001
    The organization of the information…2.680.883.290.71<0.001
 How easy is it to…     
    Find the test result…2.670.953.350.78<0.001
    Find information…to help with decision making?2.420.903.100.78<0.001
    Understand the language used…2.350.883.250.78<0.001
    Understand the test result presented…2.530.893.340.76<0.001
    Understand the interpretation of the test result…2.560.903.130.80<0.001
 How effectively does the first page of the report…     
    Communicate the test result?2.670.883.380.73<0.001
    Communicate what this test result means?2.470.983.230.67<0.001
    Communicate the patient’s options (i.e., John’s options) having received this test result?<0.001
    Communicate the availability of information resources for the patient (i.e., John)?1.980.962.950.86<0.001
    Communicate the availability of information resources for health professionals (i.e., John’s GP)?2.100.922.870.82<0.001
    Inform medical decisions the patient (i.e., John) might have to make as a result of this test?2.460.993.010.74<0.001
    Help you explain what the test result means to other people?2.420.933.000.88<0.001
    Help you understand the medical issues relating to the result?2.270.902.810.89<0.001
    Help you understand the genetic aspects of the result?2.400.932.970.85<0.001
    Communicate any limitations of the test result?1.830.832.690.96<0.001
Actionability (7-point scale)     
    How clear are you about the next steps that you could take…4.401.605.531.35<0.001
    Do you feel you would have the necessary information to decide what to do next…4.261.715.211.52<0.001
    How certain are you about what you would do next…4.491.755.621.32<0.001
    Do you feel you would have the necessary professional support to decide what to do next…4.451.535.471.30<0.001
    How ready would you feel to take any next steps…4.271.725.211.38<0.001
  1. aTo make the table more compact, ellipses (“…”) appearing in communication efficacy questions and subjective understanding/clarity/trust questions stand in for the phrase “in the first page of the report” (“of the first page of the report,” communication efficacy question 1). Ellipses appearing in actionability questions stand in for the phrase “if you had received this report in real life.”