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Awareness of management of hyaluronic acid induced visual loss: A British National Survey



Visual loss from aesthetic hyaluronic acid filler injections is an under-reported complication. Our study surveyed British Oculoplastic consultants and Consultant members of the British Eye Emergency Care Society, on their awareness of visual vascular complications of dermal fillers and its emergency management.


A prospective survey of the members of the British Oculoplastic Society and the British Eye Emergency Society, using the Survey Monkey platform.


There were 53 responses. Eighty five percent of responders were aware of ophthalmic artery occlusion and visual loss as a recognised complication of hyaluronic acid based fillers. Six respondents had encountered at least one case of visual loss associated with HA fillers. Approximately 27% of the respondents had some experience of the recommended appropriate management of this complication. Majority of these practitioners did not have local management guidelines for this complication (88%) nor were they aware of guidance to manage the complication (75%).


This survey captures the current experience of British Ophthalmologists and Oculoplastic Surgeons in the management of visual vascular complication with dermal fillers. This may relate to the rarity of this complication. Although there is an awareness of visual loss as a complication from aesthetic dermal fillers, there appears to be a lack of knowledge of current management guidelines across Eye Specialists in UK. It is important for practitioners to be able to recognise and manage vascular compromise and further study recommendations are made.

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