Table 1 Evaluation of eye drop instillation technique

From: Eye drop technique and patient-reported problems in a real-world population of eye drop users

 N (%)
Questions before the demonstration
 Do you wash hands prior to using eye drops?
  Always231 (34.1)
  Sometimes204 (30.1)
  Never243 (35.8)
 Do you remove contact lenses before using eye drops?17/18a (94.4)
 Do you wait 5 min between instilling multiple eye drops at the same time143/189b (75.7)
Direct observation of instillation technique
 Removes the cap of the bottle670 (98.8)
 Does not touch the dropper tip622 (91.7)
 Tilts the head back slightly619 (91.3)
 Pulls lower eyelid away from the eye to form a pocket564 (83.2)
 Holds the dropper tip directly over the eyelid pocket552 (81.9)
 At least 1 drop falls into the pocket635 (98.0)c
 Does not touch the bottle to the eye or eyelid402 (59.3)
 Closes the eye218 (32.2)
 Performs nasolacrimal occlusion for at least 1 min36 (5.3)d
 Patients performing correctly all steps20 (2.9)
  1. aNo. of contact lens wearers
  2. bNo. of patients using multiple eye drops at the same time
  3. c95 (14.0%) patients required more than 1 attempt to instil at least 1 drop in the pocket
  4. dAn additional 40 (5.9%) patients also performed nasolacrimal occlusion, but for less than 1 min