Table 8 UK AMD EMR Users Group: multicentre results evaluating effect of extended follow-up for unilateral nAMD on VA of second initially unaffected eyes at the time of diagnosis of nAMD in the contralateral eye [83]

From: Action on neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD): recommendations for management and service provision in the UK hospital eye service

OCT review interval for unilateral nAMD Risk of losing ≥3 lines of VA in second eye (between pre-diagnosis and diagnosis)
  OR (95% CI) P value
Sudden presentationa
≤4 Weeks 1.32 (0.82, 2.06) 0.24
>4 To ≤8 weeks 1.61 (1.23, 2.10) <0.001
>8 To ≤12 weeks 2.25 (1.50, 3.32) <0.001
>12 Weeks 3.47 (2.21, 5.37) <0.001
  1. Adapted from Burton et al. [83] and reproduced with permission
  2. CI confidence interval, nAMD neovascular age-related macular degeneration, OCT optical coherence tomography, OR odds ratio, VA visual acuity
  3. aSudden presentation group refers to those patients seen earlier than their anticipated follow-up interval when the second eye was diagnosed, presumed to have presented early due to worsening visual symptoms in the second eye