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How does the novel piezoelectric 11 Gracey Curette compare to Gracey Curette or piezoelectric scaler?


Design In vitro study.

Case selection A piezoelectric 11 Gracey Curette tip that combines a piezoelectric device and manual curette was tested for root surface roughness and bacterial adhesion after instrumentation. This novel device was compared against Gracey Curette, piezoelectric scaler and untreated control.

Data analysis Extracted human teeth roots (n = 36) were randomly assigned to each of the four groups, of which three groups underwent instrumentation as assigned and one served as untreated control. Profilometer was used to measure the surface roughness after instrumentation. In addition, S. mutans was inoculated to evaluate adhesion on the instrumented root surface.

Results The piezoelectric 11 Gracey Curette tip demonstrated significantly lower surface roughness compared to Gracey Curette, piezoelectric scaler and untreated control groups. With regards to bacterial adhesion, there was no significant differences in CFU values between novel device tips, Gracey Curette and piezoelectric scaler.

Conclusions Instrumentation with a piezoelectric 11 Gracey Curette tip resulted in a significantly smoother surface compared to instrumentation with Gracey Curette or piezoelectric scaler. As far as bacterial adherence, piezoelectric 11 Gracey Curette tip was not significantly different compared to the traditional methods. Given the limitations of in vitro research, further clinical studies need to be conducted to evaluate clinical outcomes and patient-centred outcomes.

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