Table 2 Comprehensive survey results.

From: Exploring broad consent in the context of the 100,000 Genomes Project: a mixed methods study

Did you decide to have additional findings?
Answer optionsYesNoNot sure
Responses (%)RD: 90RD: 5RD: 5
Cancer: 67Cancer: 13Cancer: 20
What will additional findings tell you?
Answer optionsSerious risksRisks that are not certainAll kinds of possible risks
Responses (%)RD: 3RD: 26RD: 71
Cancer: 4Cancer: 18Cancer: 78
Have you told your family members your genome is being tested?
Answer optionsYesNoNot yet
Responses (%)RD: 80RD: 12RD: 8
Cancer: 56Cancer: 16Cancer: 28
Have you told family members about the search for additional findings?
Answer optionsYes No
Responses (%)RD: 63 RD: 37
Cancer: 59 Cancer: 41
How likely do you think it is that you’ll get information about you/your family member’s diagnosis?
Answer optionsVery likelyLikelyUnlikelyVery unlikely
Responses (%)RD: 14RD: 48RD: 35RD: 3
Cancer: 19Cancer: 43Cancer: 30Cancer: 8
  1. RD rare disease