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Dietetic management of obesity in Europe: gaps in current practice


Despite substantial attention to dietary interventions on the management of obesity, there are no consensus guidelines for dietetic management of obesity in Europe. Two surveys among European dietitians have demonstrated inconsistencies in the approaches recommended within national obesity treatment guidelines. Only a small number of the guidelines include concrete actionable targets for recommended energy deficit, weight loss and weight-loss maintenance. On the other hand, dietitians frequently use 5–15% weight loss as their intervention outcome. However, they fail to monitor changes in body composition beyond weight status and to successfully monitor and prevent weight regain. Europewide guidelines on the dietary treatment of obesity are an overdue requirement for consistent dietetic practice.

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Fig. 1: Current practices followed by European Dietitians for obesity management.


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AV and HM wrote the first draft of the manuscript, AV and OA carried out the data analysis, EG carried out data collection, EG and MH conceived the study, all authors reviewed and contributed to the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Maria Hassapidou.

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