Table 2 DRI and DRV of micronutrients for healthy pregnant women over 18 years and for nonpregnant CKD individuals.

From: Nutrition care for chronic kidney disease during pregnancy: an updated review

NutrientPregnancyNonpregnant CKD individuals
Healthy pregnancy (DRI-DRV)aPre-ESRDDialysis
Calcium (mg)950–1000<2000<1500–2000
Phosphorus (mg)550–700800–1000800–1000
Potassium (mg)3500–4700≤24003700–5200
Sodium (mg)1500<24002000–2300
Iron (mg)16–2715c15c
Zinc (mg)11–12d8–128–12
Magnesium (mg)300–350290–300200–300
Vitamin D (UI)600800–1000800–1000f
Vitamin A (µg)700–770550700–900
Vitamin C (mg)85–10530–6075–90
Vitamin B1 (mg)0.8–1.4g1.11.1–1.2
Vitamin B2 (mg)1.4––1.3
Vitamin B3 (mg)13.4–18g1414–16
Vitamin B6 (mg)1.8–1.9510
Vitamin B12 (µg)2.2–4.5>2–32.4
Biotin (µg)30–4030–10030
Folic acid (mg)0.6>11.0
  1. DRI dietary references intakes, DRV dietary references values, ESRD end-stage-renal disease
  2. aRecommended dietary allowance (RDA) and Populations reference intake (PRI)
  3. bPregestational body weight
  4. cAccording iron studies and erythropoiesis-stimulating agent use
  5. dBased on the average for zinc recommendation according phytates consumption and the amount add for pregnancy
  6. e1,25(OH)2D3 if low serum levels
  7. fAdjust dose based on phosphorus, calcium, PTH levels
  8. gFor each 2000 kcal. From refs. [4, 5, 27, 28]