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Clinical nutrition

Quality of life of patients with head and neck cancer after prophylactic percutaneous-gastrostomy



HNC patients often experience weight loss during treatment. To date, there is only limited data on patient quality of life (QLQ) and subjective benefit of the PEG insertion.


To investigate the nutritional status, QLQ, and overall benefit.


181 patients fitting our inclusion criteria (01/2012–12/2012) were enrolled. Utilization rate, nutritional status, QLQ, and subjective PEG assessment were determined with electronic charts and the Quality of life-questionnaire (EORTC-QLQ-C30).


The utilization rate of the entire cohort was 91.7%. The PEG was used full-time by 149 patients. No statistical differences in QLQ were observed between the groups. Of the patients that used the PEG entirely (99.7%), partially (85.3%) or not all (55.3%) would 99.7%, 85.3 and 55.8% undergo the procedure in the future if necessary.


QLQ was not significantly reduced by insertion. Especially patients using the PEG full-time had an objective and subjective benefit from the inserted PEG tube.

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