Table 2 Food groups, food items, and variables assessed in the Mediterranean Environment Measure Survey in Stores (NEMS-Med)

From: Unique features of the Mediterranean food environment: Implications for the prevention of chronic diseases Rh: Mediterranean food environments

  Availability Price
Food group   Absolute Comparative
1) Fresh fruits X X  
2) Vegetables (fresh/frozen) X X  
3) Nuts
-Raw versus processed
4) Non-alcoholic beverages
- Fruit juice: 100% juice versus juice drinks
- Soda: diet versus regular
X   X
5) Bread: 100% whole grain X X  
6) Baked goods X   
7) Cereals
-Plain versus > 7 g of sugar per serving
-White rice versus whole-grain rice
X   X
8) Milk, dairy products and eggs
-Skim/low-fat versus whole
-White cheese versus aged cheese
-Low-fat yoghurts
X   X
9) Oil and butter
- Extra virgin olive oil versus sunflower oil
- Butter versus light butter
X   X
10) Legumes X   
11) Meat and meat products (red meat and poultry)
- Red meat versus poultry
- Processed meat
X   X
12) Fish
- Fresh fish
- Unprocessed seafood versus processed seafood
- Tuna