Increasing vegetable intake to obtain the health promoting and ergogenic effects of dietary nitrate


Increased consumption of dietary nitrate increases plasma nitrate and nitrite concentrations, and has been shown to elicit cardio-protective effects and improve exercise performance. Nitrate consumption in the habitual diet is mainly dependent on nitrate-rich vegetables, such as green leafy and root vegetables, with total vegetable consumption accounting for approximately 50–85% of our daily nitrate intake. Whereas ‘supplementation’ with dietary nitrate in research studies has mainly been accomplished through the use of (concentrated) nitrate-rich beetroot juice, dietary strategies focusing on increased intake of nitrate-rich vegetables may represent a similarly effective alternative for increasing dietary nitrate intake and, as such, obtaining the associated cardiovascular health and ergogenic benefits.

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The authors’ responsibilities were as follows CMTvdA, LJCvL, MTEH and LBV designed research. All authors wrote the paper; CMTvdA had primary responsibility for final content. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.


This study was part of the EAT2MOVE project and supported by a grant from the Province of Gelderland.

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