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1-(6-Methylsalicyloyl)glycerol from stony coral-derived Micromonospora sp.


A new natural product, 1-(6-methylsalicyloyl)glycerol (1) was isolated from the culture extract of the stony coral-derived Micromonospora sp. C029. The structure of 1 was determined by extensive analysis of 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopic data. The absolute configuration was determined to be S by comparison of specific rotation with synthetic (R)- and (S)-1. Compound 1 showed weak antimicrobial activity against Kocuria rizhophila. Structurally related benzoyl glycerol is not reported from actinomycetes, suggesting that isolation of actinomycetes from little studied environments should be important for the discovery of novel natural products.

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P388 cells were obtained from JCRB Cell Bank under accession code JCRB0017 (Lot. 06252002).

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