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Total Synthesis of trans-Resorcylide via Macrocyclic Stille Carbonylation


The resorcylic macrolides are important natural products with a wide range of remarkable biological activities. So far, most of the reported resorcylic macrolide syntheses use either macrolactonization or ring closing metathesis to build the corresponding macrocycle. In continuation of our efforts in developing novel carbonylation reactions to facilitate natural product total synthesis, we report herein a total synthesis of trans-resorcylide (1) featuring a palladium-catalyzed macrocyclic Stille carbonylation to build its 12-membered macrocycle.

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Fig. 1
Scheme 1


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This research was supported by NIH R35 GM128570. We thank unrestricted grants from Eli Lilly and Amgen. The NIH P30 CA023168 is acknowledged for supporting shared NMR resources to Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

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Correspondence to Mingji Dai.

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Dedication: This article is dedicated to Professor Samuel J. Danishefsky for his great scientific contributions to total synthesis of highly complex and biologically important natural products.

Publisher’s note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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