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Simple preparation, properties, and functions of vitrimer-like polyacrylate elastomers using trans-N-alkylation bond exchange


Herein, we report the preparation of polyacrylate-based vitrimer-like elastomers with dynamic bond-exchangeable cross-links. The component polymer is a poly(ethyl acrylate)-based copolymer that bears pyridine groups randomly and was cross-linked by a quaternization reaction with dibromo cross-linkers (dibromo hexane). In this system, bond exchange is induced via trans-N-alkylation at high temperatures, which is revealed by elongational creep and stress-relaxation tests. Some useful functions of the present material, such as reprocessability, recyclability, and unique solubility, were also demonstrated.

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The authors thank Prof. K. Nagata for his assistance in performing the elongation creep tests. This work was supported by a grant from the TOYOAKI SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION (M.H.).

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