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Fig. 4: Monte Carlo results

From: Huge magnetoresistance and ultrasharp metamagnetic transition in polycrystalline Sm0.5Ca0.25Sr0.25MnO3

Fig. 4

Temperature dependence of a the resistivity ρ in units of ha/2Π2e2 and b the FM structure factor S (0,0) at different external magnetic field h/t values for λ/t = 1.65, J/t = 0.1, and Δ/t = 0.3 (SCSMO-like materials). The legends in a, b are the same. The electron density is fixed at n = 0.5 in all figures. c Temperature dependence of ρ for λ/t = 1.73, J/t = 0.105, and Δ/t = 0 (SCMO-like materials). d Temperature dependence of the FM structure factor S(0,0) (inset: resistivity) for three sets of parameters (mimicking SCMO, SCSMO, and SSMO) in a very small magnetic field h = 0.002. See the text for details

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