Fig. 1: Immunophenotyping overtime. | Cellular & Molecular Immunology

Fig. 1: Immunophenotyping overtime.

From: Immune monitoring of interleukin-7 compassionate use in a critically ill COVID-19 patient

Fig. 1

Patient was sampled overtime after ICU admission. Cellular immunophenotyping was performed by flow cytometry and results are expressed as numbers of antibodies bound per monocyte (Ab/C) for monocytic HLA-DR expression and as numbers of cells per µL of whole blood for total lymphocyte, CD4+ T lymphocyte and NK cell counts. Plasma IFNγ concentration was measured by Ella technology and results are expressed as pg/mL. IFN score (type I IFN-related genes mRNA levels) was measured by Nanostring technology and results are expressed as a score relative to normal values. References values (gray zones) are provided by routine clinical immunology laboratories at our institution. Interleukin-7 treatment was initiated at day 24 after ICU admission (D24, red arrow). Cellular measurements were performed once before IL-7 treatment initiation (<D24) and twice a week during 3 weeks after IL-7 treatment initiation: between D27 and D29 (D27), between D30 and D32 (D30), between D33 and D35 (D33), between D36 and D36 (D36), between D40 and D43 (D40), and between D44 and D48 (D44). For each sampling time, if several measurements were performed, the highest value was systematically considered.

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