METTL4 is an snRNA m6Am methyltransferase that regulates RNA splicing

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Fig. 1: METTL4 is an internal m6Am methyltransferase regulating RNA splicing.


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We thank Chunmei Li, Matthew Harris, Erdem Sendinc, and David Valle-Garcia for insightful advice. Y.S. is supported by BCH funds. R.I.G. is a recipient of the NCI Outstanding Investigator Award (R35 CA232115-01). E.A.O. was supported by the Pew Latin American Fellows Program and by a Damon Runyon Fellowship (DRG-2378-19). Y.X. is supported by NIH grants (R01GM088342 and R01GM121827). Y.S. is an American Cancer Society Research Professor.

Author information

Y.S. and H.C. conceived and designed the project. H.C., L.G., J.G. and Q.L. carried out most of the biochemical and cellular experiments. Y.W. performed the bioinformatic analysis under supervision of Y.X. E.A.O. performed m6A Northwestern analysis under supervision of R.I.G. L.W. and Z.S. contributed to characterization of enzymatic activity under supervision of H.W. Y.S. supervised the project throughout. Y.S. and H.C. co-wrote the manuscript and all authors contributed to manuscript writing.

Correspondence to Yang Shi.

Ethics declarations

Competing interests

R.I.G. is a co-founder, scientific advisory board member, and equity holder of 28-7 Therapeutics. Y.X. is a scientific cofounder of Panorama Medicine. Y.S. is a co-founder and equity holder of Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a consultant of Guangzhou BeBetter Medicine Technology Co., LTD and an equity holder of Imago Biosciences. All other authors declare no competing financial interests.

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