Loss of YTHDF2-mediated m6A-dependent mRNA clearance facilitates hematopoietic stem cell regeneration

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This work is supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (2017YFA0103302, 2016YFA0100602, 2018YFA0109300) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (91749203, 91749117, 81525010, 81420108017 and 81770155). This work was also supported by the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars (31622039), the Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of Jiangsu Province (BK20160045).

Author information

H.W. and Z.J. initiated the study and developed the concept of the paper. H.W.and H.Z. performed all experiments. H.W. and H.Z. analyzed and interpreted the data. H.W., H.Z., and Z.J. wrote the manuscript, with help from J.L., F.W., Y.G., X.Z., B.L., F.X., W.W., G.H., and B.S.

Correspondence to Hu Wang or Bin Shen or Zhenyu Ju.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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