Fig. 4: MCI inhibitors cause intracellular acidification. | Cell Discovery

Fig. 4: MCI inhibitors cause intracellular acidification.

From: Cancer cell specific inhibition of Wnt/β-catenin signaling by forced intracellular acidification

Fig. 4

a Intracellular acidification monitored by live imaging in the indicated cell lines upon treatment with Metformin (48 h). After imaging, cells were transferred to media with pH 8.8 supplemented with 5 µM Nigericin, for 0.5 h, before re-imaging (Metformin pH 8.8 rescue). Scale bar, 150 µm. b Intracellular acidification time-course caused by Metformin treatment in DLD1EC-GFP/mCHERRY cells. c In vivo intracellular acidification caused by Metformin monitored in mouse tumor xenografts induced with H1975EC-GFP cells. Top: representative ex vivo xenograft images: tumors 1, 2—Metformin treated, tumor 3—control. Bottom: live animals pHi measurements, P= 0.0179 (*); n number of animals. d SOX4 evaluation by WB after pH adjustment to 7.4 and 4 mM glucose replenishment of culture media upon treatment H1975 cells with Metformin. e Warburg Trap principle scheme (b–c): Error bars correspond to mean values ± SEM

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