Fig. 5: hopscotch enhances mahe induced cell death. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 5: hopscotch enhances mahe induced cell death.

From: Maheshvara regulates JAK/STAT signaling by interacting and stabilizing hopscotch transcripts which leads to apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster

Fig. 5

(ae) Images of Drosophila adult eye. a′e Adult eye imprints. a, c, e GMR-GAL4 was used to drive UAS-mahe or (b, c) UAS-hop(Tum-l) (d, e)UAS-hop-RNAi. a, a Ectopic mahe expression promotes eye roughening. b, b Overexpression of constitutive active form of hop results in slight ommatidial disorganization. c, c Coexpression of hop and mahe enhanced the rough eye phenotype compared to mahe alone. d, d Reduction of hop levels by RNAi mediated knockdown leads to no observable change in eye roughening phenotype. e, e RNAi mediated depletion of hop rescued the mahe induced eye roughness. fj, ko Acridine orange and caspase staining in eye antennal disc. f, k Acridine and caspase positive cells show cell death induced by mahe. g, l hopTum-l overexpression showed few dying cells. h, m Coexpession of hopTum-l and mahe enhanced cell death in comparison to mahe alone. i, n No dying cells were observed on downregulating the level of hop. j, o Downregulation of hop rescued the mahe induced cell death as depicted by acridine orange and cl-caspase staining. p Graph represents cl-caspase intensity per unit area which shows activated hopTum-l promotes mahe induced cell death, which was significantly reduced in combination with hop-RNAi. One-way ANOVA. Scale bar in 50 µm (fj, ko). Genotypes (a) w; +; GMR-GAL4,UAS-HA-mahe/+ (b) w; UAS-hopTum-l/+;GMR-GAL4/+ (c) w; UAS-hopTum-l/+;GMR-GAL4,UAS-HA-mahe/+ (d) w; UAS-hop-RNAi/+;GMR-GAL4/+ (e) w; UAS-hop - RNAi/+; GMR-GAL4,UAS-HA-mahe/+. One-way ANOVA * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, *** P < 0.001.

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