Fig. 3: HIF1α and HIF2α upregulated EGF in hypoxia. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 3: HIF1α and HIF2α upregulated EGF in hypoxia.

From: HIF1α/HIF2α–Sox2/Klf4 promotes the malignant progression of glioblastoma via the EGFR–PI3K/AKT signalling pathway with positive feedback under hypoxia

Fig. 3

A EGF was highly expressed in GBM, according to the CGGA database. B GBM cells were cultured in 21% O2 and 1% O2 for 12 h, and EGF expression was ~3.8–4.6-fold higher in cells cultured in 1% O2 than control cells cultured in 21% O2. C ELISA demonstrated that there were higher levels of EGF in the 1% O2 group than in the control group. D Immunofluorescence showed that there was no EGF expression under normoxia; however, EGF levels increased significantly under hypoxic conditions. E Both HIF1α and HIF2α had a positive relationship with EGF. F After knocking out HIF1α or HIF2α, EGF levels decreased significantly, and EGF expression was lowest after simultaneously knocking out HIF1α and HIF2α. G The addition of EGF had lower early, later and total apoptosis rates in HIF1α-KO or HIF2α-KO cells. P values were determined by the independent samples t test.

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