Fig. 7: Anti-tumor effects of E/M@FA-LPs in vivo. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 7: Anti-tumor effects of E/M@FA-LPs in vivo.

From: MT1DP loaded by folate-modified liposomes sensitizes erastin-induced ferroptosis via regulating miR-365a-3p/NRF2 axis in non-small cell lung cancer cells

Fig. 7

a Powerful growth inhibition of E/M@FA-LPs on subcutaneous xenografts. b Weight of xenograft tumors; the weight of xenograft tumors treated with E/M@FA-LPs was lighter. c H&E-stained images and immunohistochemistry analysis of NRF2 in xenograft tumors. d miR-365a-3p expression in xenograft tumors; miR-365a-3p expression was raised in E/M@FA-LPs group. e Overproduction of MDA in xenograft tumors treated with E/M@FA-LPs. All experiments were repeated at least three times and representative data are shown. Data are means ± SEM; **p < 0.01.

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