Fig. 3: Stem cell properties of hiNSCs. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 3: Stem cell properties of hiNSCs.

From: Establishment of stable iPS-derived human neural stem cell lines suitable for cell therapies

Fig. 3

a Growth curves of hiNSC lines (passages 10–15) compared to brain-derived hNSCs in neurosphere growth medium. Each value point of the curve is the mean ± SEM of three independent experiments. b Histograms showing the quantification of i TUBB3 + neurons and ii GFAP + astrocytes out of total nuclei, after in vitro differentiation of hiNSC and hNSC lines. Each bar represents the value of three independent experiments ± SEM. Only the statistical differences between each single hiNSC line with respect to the hNSCs are shown. c Representative fluorescent images showing hiNSC-derived neurons (TUBB3, red, i–iv), astrocytes (GFAP, green, i–iv) and oligodendrocytes (GALC, red, v) at days i 10, ii 17, iii 24 and iv 31 upon differentiation. d Expression of i GLUTA (green) and ii GABA (green) in hiNSC and brain-derived hNSC progeny, after 24 days of in vitro differentiation. Scale bars: 50 μm