Correction to: Cell Death and Disease (2016) 7, e2419;, Published online 13 October 2016.

Since the publication of the article, the authors became aware that Fig. 6a, d contained errors in the bands and loading controls. The newly compiled Fig. 6a, d is given below.

Fig. 6
Fig. 6

Knockdown of Mcl1 or Cdk4-induced cell cycle arrest and inhibited ES cell proliferation. a Mcl1 and Cdk4 siRNA analysis and expression check in murine and human ES cell lines resulted in upregulation of total RB and lower amount of pS780-RB. b Colony-forming assay in Matrigel displayed reduced clonogenic potency of EF-dependent cell lines after knockdown of Mcl1 or Cdk4 by siRNA treatment. c Cell cycle analysis of Mcl1 or Cdk4 siRNA treatment displayed enhanced G1 arrest. d In vitro growth inhibition of mouse and human EF-dependent cell lines by Palbociclib as well as the combinatorial treatment of Palbociclib and Obatoclax in triplicate. Cells were treated with inhibitors at the indicated concentration for 24 h. e CDK4/6 inhibition by Palbociclib displayed similar results as seen in the CDK4 siRNA assay

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