Fig. 6: PTEN may be involved in the miR-410-mediated LUAD cell growth. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 6: PTEN may be involved in the miR-410-mediated LUAD cell growth.

From: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles promote lung adenocarcinoma growth by transferring miR-410

Fig. 6

a Schematic diagram of the putative miR-410-binding site in the 3′UTR regions (red) of LATS2, HOXA5, Smad4, PTEN, and KLF 10. b The transfection efficiency of H1299 cells was estimated by fluorescence microscopy 6 h (×100) after transfection of the FAM-miR-410 inhibitor and FAM-miR-410 mimics (left panel). The results are presented as light microscopic images of the FAM-expressing cells. Real-time PCR was used to investigate the miR-410 transfection efficiency (right panel). c Real-time PCR analysis of the expression of PTEN in H1299 cells at 24 h post transfection of the miR-410 inhibitor or miR-410 mimics compared to their negative controls. d PTEN protein expression was analyzed by western blotting at 48 h post transfection with β-actin as a loading control. The intensity of each band was analyzed using ImageJ software, and the ratios of the miR-410 inhibitor to the inhibitor control and of the miR-410 mimics to the mimic control are presented as the fold differences. e MiR-410 dramatically suppressed the luciferase activity that carried wild-type but not mutant 3′UTR of PTEN. f, g H1299 cells were treated with hUCMSC-EVs (1.5 × 109 per mL) for 24 h or 48 h. The expression of PTEN mRNA f and protein g was determined by real-time PCR or western blotting, respectively. h H1299 cells were transfected with control vector plasmid or PTEN overexpression plasmid and the PTEN protein expression were analyzed by western blot. i, j H1299 cells, which were transfected with PTEN overexpression plasmid, were incubated with/without hUCMSC-EVs (1.5 × 109 per mL) for 24 h. i Representative flow cytometric contour plots of the EdU-stained H1299 cells and the Annexin V/7-ADD dual-stained H1299 cells were shown. j The percentages of EdU-positive cancer cells and both early and late apoptotic cells were shown. k MiR-410 expression, l PETN mRNA expression, and m PETN protein expression in the tumors of the control and hUCMSC-EV-pre-stimulated H1299 cell groups of nude mice. The data are expressed as the means ± SD of three replicates and **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001 (Student’s t test)

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