Fig. 5: EVs from hUCMSCs promote LUAD cell growth partly by transferring miR-410. | Cell Death & Disease

Fig. 5: EVs from hUCMSCs promote LUAD cell growth partly by transferring miR-410.

From: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles promote lung adenocarcinoma growth by transferring miR-410

Fig. 5

a The predominant miRNAs that have been reported to participate in LUAD cell proliferation and anti-apoptosis. b Real-time PCR analysis of the predominant miRNAs reported to be present in hUCMSC-EVs. The expression of the miRNA in hUCMSC-EVs was normalized to the U48 levels. c The expression of miR-410 in H1299 (24 h) cells that were treated with hUCMSC-EVs (1.5 × 109 per mL). d EVs from hUCMSCs that had been transfected with a FAM-miR-410 mimic (green) were labeled with CM-Dil (red) and added to H1299 cells for 6 h, then evaluated using laser confocal microscopy. Scale bars: 50 μm. e The levels of miR-410 in the MSC/siR410 and MSC/siR410-EVs. f The miR-410 expression in H1299 cells treated with MSC/siR410-EVs. gj H1299 cells were incubated with MSC/scramble-EVs or MSC/siR410-EVs (1.5 × 109 per mL) for 24 h. g Representative flow cytometric contour plots of the EdU-stained H1299 cells as indicators of the proliferation are shown. h The percentages of EdU-positive cancer cells are shown. i Representative contour plots of the Annexin V/7-ADD dual-stained H1299 cells as an indicator of apoptosis are shown. j The percentages of both early and late apoptotic cells are shown. km The H1299 cells (1.5 × 106) were pre-stimulated with MSC/scramble-EVs or MSC/siR410-EVs for 12 h before they were injected into the nude mice. k The tumor volumes were measured, and l the tumor weights were determined at 35 days. m Imaging of tumors and tumor-bearing mice from the control, MSC/scramble-EVs, and MSC/siR410-EVs groups at 35 days after the injections. The data are expressed as the means ± SD and *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001

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