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Correction to: A p53/miR-30a/ZEB2 axis controls triple negative breast cancer aggressiveness

Correction to: Cell Death & Differentiation (2018) 25: 2165–2180., published online 17 April 2018.

Since publication of the article, the authors were notified by ATCC that the cell line HCC1395 (ATCC® CRL-2324™ Lot 62235652) suffered a “low level of cell line cross-contamination” with another cell line.

The HCC1395 cell model was included in the revised version of the manuscript just to corroborate on wider set of TNBC cell lines that silencing of ZEB2 affects cell migration. The results of the characterization of 5 TNBC cell lines were reported in Supplementary Figure S4a and described in the Results section as follows: “Accordingly, ZEB2 sustained the cell motility of TNBC cell models. In fact, ZEB2 down-regulation significantly reduced in vitro migration of MDA231, MDA157, BT549, Hs578T and HCC1395 TNBC cell lines (Supplementary Figure S4a)”.

Following the notification from ATCC, the experiments were re-conducted with the “clean” batch of HCC1395 provided by ATCC as a replacement for the contaminated one.

The results obtained with the “clean” batch of HCC1395 confirm also in this setting that the silencing of ZEB2 affects cell migration. Therefore, the text does not need to be rectified.

The authors have amended supplementary figure S4a by replacing the images related to the contaminated HCC1395 with the data from the “clean” HCC1395 batch and assembled a revised version of supplementary material (see below).

The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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