Correction to: British Journal of Cancer, published online 30 March 2017

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. Figures 2G and 6C were incorrectly presented. In Fig. 2G, the cytoplasmic protein blot of Hsp90 as loading control was incorrectly used. The authors misused the total protein blot of Hsp90 in Fig. 2E. This mistake occurred during the assembly of Fig. 2G. In Fig. 6C, on the left, the representative images of TUNEL assay were incorrectly used. The mistake occurred during preparing the left panel of Fig. 6C, the authors used pictures from a wrong data fold. This correction does not change the results or conclusion of this study. The authors apologize for the mistake.

figure 1

Fig. 2

figure 2

Fig. 6