Table 3 Key themes to facilitate potential lung cancer presentations, referrals, diagnosis and treatment.

From: COVID-19 and the multidisciplinary care of patients with lung cancer: an evidence-based review and commentary

• Key messages to patients around potential concerning symptoms, and clear messaging that services are safe and open, particularly to those at high risk of lung and other cancers
• Services may be delivered in a different way, such as via phone, video and online services to keep patients safe
• Use of ‘Hot’ and ’Cold’ hubs across health services to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission, including maintaining COVID free sites for cancer treatments
• Clinicians to be aware of potential overlap of symptoms, have low thresholds for chest X-rays and use safety netting tools
• Improved interface and working across health services, including primary and secondary care with rapid access to advice and guidance
• Facilitate continued use of urgent suspected cancer referrals, and access to timely imaging including CT scanning via multiple potential routes to diagnosis
• Potential for re-starting lung cancer screening pilots