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First prototype checkpoint inhibitor B-cell epitope vaccine (PD1-Vaxx) en route to human Phase 1 clinical trial in Australia and USA: exploiting future novel synergistic vaccine combinations


We developed a PD-1 B-cell epitope vaccine (PD1-Vaxx) to rival nivolumab therapy which has received ethics approvals for a Phase 1 clinical trial in Australia. The US FDA granted Investigational New Drug approval to Imugene Ltd for clinical testing in NSCLC. We demonstrated synergistic vaccine combinations with an HER-2 targeted vaccine (B-Vaxx).

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Fig. 1: Mechanism of B-cell epitope vaccine.


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Author information

Authors and Affiliations



L.G. wrote the first draft. P.K. edited the manuscript, wrote the revised version and drafted the figure. Both authors approved this manuscript.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Pravin T. P. Kaumaya.

Ethics declarations

Ethics approval and consent to participate

Not applicable.

Consent to publish

Not applicable.

Data availability

All the data relevant to this manuscript are included in the article or in our previous publications (see refs. 6,7). Other data information’s available on reasonable request from the corresponding author.

Competing interests

P.T.P.K. is co-inventor on patents regarding PD1-Vaxx which has licensed such patents from OSU to Imugene Ltd. P.T.P.K. has partial inventor rights to PD1-Vaxx which has been licensed for commercial development. P.T.P.K. is consultant to Imugene Ltd. L.G. declares no competing interests. No writing assistance was utilised in the production of this manuscript.

Funding information

Funded by National Institutes of Health NIH CA84356, NIH R21CA13508 and Imugene Ltd to P.T.P. Kaumaya.

Additional information

Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Guo, L., Kaumaya, P.T.P. First prototype checkpoint inhibitor B-cell epitope vaccine (PD1-Vaxx) en route to human Phase 1 clinical trial in Australia and USA: exploiting future novel synergistic vaccine combinations. Br J Cancer 125, 152–154 (2021).

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