Table 1 Communities enriched in cancer-risk SNPs

From: Nongenic cancer-risk SNPs affect oncogenes, tumour-suppressor genes, and immune function

TissueAbbrev# Communities# With cancer risk SNPs# Enriched in cancer risk SNPsa# Enriched in 1+ cancer typeb
Adipose subcutaneousADS823941
Artery tibialATT954020
Oesophagus mucosaEMC1474542
Oesophagus muscularisEMS1435821
Heart left ventricleHRV1242622
Skeletal muscleSMU863331
Tibial nerveTNV1526481
Whole bloodWBL663252
  1. aIn this column, all cancer risk SNPs across all cancer types were pooled together under a “cancer risk” label before the enrichement analysis was performed.
  2. bIn this column, each cancer type was analysed separately in each community. One community can be enriched for risk SNPs for multiple cancers