Mouthwash plays a crucial role in preventing bad breath - an embarrassing, yet highly preventable issue.

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The Breath Co provides a refreshingly different solution that will help your patients tackle unpleasant odour. The team will be on stand H20 at the BDIA Dental Showcase 2023 to talk to delegates about The Breath Co mouthwash solutions - The Breath Co 12-hour Fresh Breath Oral Rinse in mild and icy mint.

Formulated by a dentist, these solutions are alcohol-free for no harsh afterburn, and support (not strip!) the natural balance of the mouth for 12 hours after use. Unconditionally guaranteed to stop bad breath, the patented formula utilises the natural germ fighting power of oxygen to get to the source of bad breath and gum irritation.

Many patients suffer from bad breath - with The Breath Co oral rinses, you can help them smile with confidence.

Be sure to visit the team at this year's show!

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