The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) has welcomed the insights and recommendations outlined in a new book called Oral health psychology: Psychological aspects related to dentistry. The book is an international collaboration between dentists and psychologists who draw on scientific research as well as their personal experiences in clinical practice. Published by Springer in November 2022, this academic and practical textbook has been written by a team from Norway and The Netherlands with contributions from paediatric dentists and psychologists from the University of Sheffield.

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Dr Jenny Harris, President, BSPD and Consultant Community Paediatric Dentist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, who contributed to the book, said: 'Dental teams have a duty of care to provide a safe place for children to feel that they can ask questions and speak up when they need help or feel scared. Our chapter focuses on recognising and responding to maltreatment or family violence so we can give our patients, both children and adults, adequate help and support. We provide tools to support students of dentistry as well as experienced dental professionals. BSPD believes that Oral health psychology is an excellent educational resource and will help readers to solve challenges in their own clinical settings.'

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