IAS Academy is offering clinicians the opportunity to learn the skills to overcome complex orthodontic challenges with the Advanced Diploma Course - a two-year programme that leads to the College of General Dentistry's Diploma in Primary Care Orthodontics. Clinicians on the course will learn how to utilise all appliance systems, including fixed functional, aligners, lingual and Inman, and covers all practical and theoretical of providing orthodontic care.

figure 1

Over the course of the programme, clinicians will discuss cases and have access to webinars, participate in hands-on practical sessions and receive comprehensive mentoring, ensuring a complete educational experience. Recommended for dentists who treat a minimum of ten orthodontic cases per year and who are already familiar with fixed appliances, this is an outstanding opportunity for clinicians who want to hone their orthodontic skills.

To find out more, contact IAS Academy today. For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, visit www.iasortho.com or call 01932 336470 (Press 1).