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Necrotising periodontal diseases: an update on classification and management


Necrotising periodontal diseases can present with significant morbidity and, whilst unusual, they are not entirely uncommon in primary care. With this in mind, members of the dental team should be aware of relatively recent changes to the classification and management of these diseases to optimise patient outcomes. Similarly, understanding the bacteriology, patterns of tissue breakdown, and management and maintenance of these conditions will allow clinicians to manage these diseases should they present. The progression of necrotising diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa to present as noma is also discussed. The objective is to help the reader understand the classification and management of necrotising periodontal diseases.

Key points

  • Gives an update on necrotising periodontal diseases, relevant to the whole dental team.

  • Provides tips on how to manage these conditions.

  • Offers an understanding of the presentation of necrotising periodontal diseases from an African perspective.

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Ewen McColl had the idea to write a paper on this subject matter and edited contributions from Rachel Ogunleye, Obioma Ukoha and Weronika Nasterska. Images of NP were provided from an undergraduate clinic at Peninsula Dental School. Fatima Dantata and Adetula Ifeoluwa wrote the section on noma and provided all images of noma.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Ewen McColl.

Ethics declarations

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

Written consent to publish was obtained for Figure 3.

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Ogunleye, R., Ukoha, O., Nasterska, W. et al. Necrotising periodontal diseases: an update on classification and management. Br Dent J 233, 855–858 (2022).

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