Gentler and more effective than an ordinary toothbrush, Cocobrush sweeps away cavity-causing bacteria with thousands of super-soft micro-bristles. Gums get a tender massage, while teeth are pampered with a cleansing polish. Plus, the sleek handle is proudly made with ocean-bound plastic. Cocobrush features a dentist-designed combination of:

  • Thousands of multilayered micro-bristles (~40% finer than regular bristles) that fit under the gumline and between teeth to remove cavity-causing bacteria and stubborn plaque

  • Compact, angled brush-head easily reaches tartar-prone areas

  • Curved handle is gentle on your grip and keeps brush-head safely and hygienically off countertops

  • The handle is made from ~98% recycled Oceanworks plastic

  • Food-grade plastic, BPA-free

  • Keep your brush fresh! Recycle and replace every 3-6 months.

To help stem the tide of rubbish entering our seas, Cocofloss partnered with Oceanworks to responsibly source recyclable ocean-bound plastic. The companies have also pledged that for every Cocobrush purchased, they will remove an additional ten Cocobrushes' worth of ocean-bound plastic from the environment. Over the next 12 months, they aim to divert 18.5 tons of rubbish from coastal areas in Southeast Asia. Within one year of crafting Cocobrush handles with recycled ocean-bound plastic, Cocofloss projects will save 8,494 kilowatt-hours of energy and 1,489 cubic feet of landfill space. They'll also avoid emitting 3,070 pounds of CO2 emissions.

figure 1

Cocobrush is available in four colours from Cult Beauty: yellow, orange, aqua and pink, RRP £8.25: Cocobrush is made by Cocofloss, a brand founded in 2015 by two sisters in the US, one a holistic dentist and pro-flosser, the other an industrial engineer and former lazy flosser. Cocofloss also offer dental floss made from 85% recycled plastic in four 'aromas' that come in refillable dispensers and the refills come in compostable packaging.