'O-Health-Edu' has announced that eight European stakeholders have actively been consulted and co-signed a Charter to support a vision for oral health professionals' education.

O-Health-Edu is an Erasmus+ funded project that brings together partner universities and the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) with a wide variety of stakeholders. The aims are to better understand how oral health professionals' education is delivered across Europe and to facilitate implementation of a new vision for oral health professionals' education.

Oral health professionals' education has entered an era of change - illustrated by these key policy documents:

  • The ongoing Resolution, strategy and draft action plan of the WHO for oral health promotion

  • The O-Health-Edu Vision for oral health professionals' education in Europe (2022)

  • ADEE's Graduating European dentist curriculum (2017).

To enable the delivery of the ambitious targets presented in such documents, European stakeholders must continue to work together on the approach and delivery of education, in a way that addresses anticipated changes in the oral health workforce.

Eight European stakeholders including the Council of European Dentists and the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe have committed to:

  • Improved inter-stakeholder collaboration

  • Being respectful of each stakeholder's autonomy, expertise and professions

  • Ensuring that patients and students are at the core of the person-centred framework

  • Promoting a holistic vision of oral health

  • Developing sustainable healthcare and education models in the best interest of society.

In addition to the original eight signing stakeholders, O-Health-Edu has announced that a ninth stakeholder, the International Association for Dental Research - Pan-European region, will also co-sign the Charter to enable delivery of this vision for change.

The ADEE are confident that a collaborative approach to implementing the vision for oral health professionals' education in Europe will ensure that the future needs of the population are addressed.

Going forward, this important project will be overseen by ADEE, whose mission since 1975 has been to promote quality in dental education. For more information on O-Health-Edu, visit https://o-health-edu.org/.